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Producing Organization: The 27 Block Chart

Classic English Ideal Feedback Model

The process of producing organization, designing production, is aided by completing a 27-block chart. The diagram above is the ideal feedback model that illustrates a simple system. It shows the input of information or resources, A as the transformation of those resources, and the output. B is the feedback loop of information that can be used to correct the process or confirm that it is accomplishing the aim.

The 27-Block Chart

The link below is to a 27 block chart for creating a family meal program provided by John Buck. It illustrates how to plan the steps of input-transformation-output which manage production, and then the leading-doing-measuring activities for each step.

The chart is complex and many of us never go into such detail, but in analyzing complex processes involving thousands of dollars of investments, this level detail, and more, is necessary in planning the work process. Even for simple processes like family meals it can identify the steps that we often do unconsciously and perhaps make us more aware of steps that are missing or that we could improve.

27 Block Chart for Planning a Family Meal