Errata for We the People, Second Edition

For every book there is an editing error—and usually more. If you should catch one that is not in this list, please use the form below to report it. We would be most appreciative because we can correct them in the next printing.

Page numbers refer to the print edition. Since the format of the digital version can be changed by each reader,  the page numbers are not stable

Page 42, “In 1918, when he went to Germany to meet with leading pacifists, Boeke tried to meet with Hitler to dissuade him from war and was promptly deported.

Boeke went to Germany in 1915, not 1918,  but the evidence that he tried to meet with Hitler is dubious. Hitler that time was not in power; he was a corporal in the army. His assignment, however, was to investigate the various pacifist  and peace groups to determine which of them was would be most likely to cause trouble for the government. Still researching the original source of this information.