Resources on Sociocracy

The following books are the core of studies available in English. There are many more articles and books listed in WorldCat and works in other languages.

Gerard Endenburg

Works by Gerard Endenburg were originally published in Dutch during the 19980’s. Not all of his work has been translated. Most were reprinted in the late 20th century by Eburon, a university press in Delft. WorldCat is a good resource for finding copies in libraries. Sometimes there are used copies available from ABE Books. (They are sometimes very expensive.)

Endenburg, Gerard. 1974. Dictatuur, Democratie, Sociocratie. Rotterdam: Endenburg Elektrotechniek.

———. 1975. Sociocratie: Een Redelijk Ideaal [Sociocracy: A Reasonable Ideal]. Zaandijk [Lagedijk 169]: Woudt.

———. 1981. Sociocratie: Het Organiseren van de Besluitvorming : een Waarborg voor Ieders Gelijkwaardigheid. Alphen aan den Rijn: Samsom.

———, and Clive Bowden. 1988. Sociocracy: the organization of decision-making : “no objection” as the principle of sociocracy. [Rotterdam]: [Stichting Sociocratisch Centrum].

———. 1997. Sociocratie als Sociaal Ontwerp in Theorie en Praktijk. Delft: Eburon. [Translated from the Dutch by Murray Pearson.

———. 1998. Kennis, Macht en Overmacht: De Lerende Organisatie, in het Bijzonder de Sociocratische Kringorganisatie. Delft: Eburon.

————. 1998. Sociocracy as Social Design: Its Characteristics and Course of Development, as Theoretical Design and Practical Project. Delft: Eburon.]

John Buck and Sharon Villines

John Buck and Sharon Villines collaborated on what is the first comprehensive publication in English of Endenburg’s work. It presents his theory in the context of history of related ideas and management theory. It also includes seminal readings and how-to guides. John Buck was the first sociocratic consultant to be certified by Gerard Endenburg, and the first native English speaker. Sharon Villines was a university professor for 25 years and a member of many collaborative organizations (not all very successful which is why she was interested sociocracy).

Buck, John, and Sharon Villines. 2017. We the people : consenting to a deeper democracy. A handbook for understanding and implementing sociocratic principles and methods. Second edition. Washington, DC: Press, 2017. First edtion 2007.

Jerry Koch-Gonzales and Ted J Rau

Jerry Koch-Gonzales and Ted J Rau founded Sociocracy for All (SoFA). It is an active source of webinars, other training, practice groups, and certification. It is also the hub of activity for many sociocratic practioners. Jerry has done numerous excellent instructional videos available on YouTube.

Rau, Ted J, and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez. 2018. Many voices one song : Shared Power with Sociocracy. Amherst, MA: Sociocracy for All. More info

YouTube Videos

There are a large number of videos on YouTube on sociocracy. Some have been made for posting there but most were done for workshops or conferences. Several are interviews. New ones are added regularly as the number of consultants teach and implementing sociocracy in one form or another multiplies.

Sociocracy For All’s youtube channel

The list will grow…