Cooperatives and sociocracy – and conference on Feb 18

Cooperatives and sociocracy - and conference on Feb 18 The theory and practice of sociocracy in cooperatives Join us for this online conference – an accessible introduction to, and interactive exploration of, the current and future theory and practice of sociocratic governance in cooperatives. All presentations fall into one or more of these themes: How sociocracy aligns with co-op values and principles. Implementing sociocracy in co-ops. How to create sociocratic co-ops from scratch or implement sociocracy in an existing co-op. This will include case… Read More . . . “Cooperatives and sociocracy – and conference on Feb 18”

Sociocracy Academy – Sociocracy For All

Sociocracy Academy - Sociocracy For All Sociocracy For All is offering a 12-month program for people who want to be sociocracy trainers or become the sociocracy person in their organization or network. The program includes weekly meetings and different phases of learning in classes, practice groups, real working circles, writing and through shared reflections. If you have received foundation training and have some real-life experience, you’re welcome to apply.  More information.

Permaculture and sociocracy – an online conference

Permaculture and sociocracy - an online conference Step on the bridge between permaculture design and sociocracy. By including clear agreement and action, our design solutions to earth repair and social inequities will have a greater impact. Sociocracy, like permaculture design, is a fundamental set of tools used to develop our collective work. Together they create a system of decision-making and action that is resilient and inclusive. Join us on October 22, 2020 (16:00-20:00 UTC) for an online conference sure to grow your… Read More . . . “Permaculture and sociocracy – an online conference”

Podcast on commoning and sociocracy

Podcast on commoning and sociocracy By David Bollier. Drawing on their worldwide work with schools, tech ventures, and other projects and organizationsThe Delibrative Democracy Consortium (DDC)u is an alliance o... More, Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, Cofounders of Sociocracy for All, explain how Sociocracy provides a fair, effective, commons-based system of deliberation and decisionmaking. Listen to the podcast

We’re ready!

Logo of Sociocracy for All As Sharon has announced, Sociocracy For All is now curating this site. We’re proud to be following Sharon who has helped make sociocracy more known and used all over the world, both with this site and with We The People. A few words on who we are: Sociocracy For All was founded in 2016 by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez and myself, Ted Rau, because we wanted to see an organization that supports the sociocracy movement everywhere.  … Read More . . . “We’re ready!”