The Future of the Website

The Future of the Website I have been studying and writing on Sociocracy since 2002 and am ready to move on to other interests. When I started studying and writing on sociocracy, it was almost totally unknown in English-speaking countries. The first effort was to collaborate with John Buck, the first certified sociocratic consultant outside of the Netherlands, on an authoritative handbook in English — and for me to learn enough to do it. I worked with John Buck, or… Read More . . . “The Future of the Website”

Frances Moore Lappé on Democracy

Frances Moore Lappé in 2019. The quotes below are from an interview with Frances Moore Lappé published in the 19 December 2018 issue of the New York Times: “Frances Moore Lappé changed how we eat. She wants to do the same for our democracy. With her coauthor Adam Eichen, Lappé has written a new book Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want. Daring Democracy is an optimistic examination of the powerlessness people feel about standing… Read More . . . “Frances Moore Lappé on Democracy”

Conflict Resolution: Strategies vs Trust

When connecting around needs and empathizing with feelings is going on, people don’t get hung up on strategies. Why not table discussion of strategies until there is universal agreement that all parties fully and deeply understand and appreciate each other’s feelings and needs? Then strategies need not be points of conflict—but points of creativity to find solutions that work for all. Strategies vs trust In the first sociocratic organization, Kees and Betty Boeke’s Children’s Community… Read More . . . “Conflict Resolution: Strategies vs Trust”

The Google Count on Google Search: Sociocracy Rises

In 2010, I asserted with no evidence what-so-ever that more than 99% of the world’s population had no knowledge of sociocracy. In a world growing even more democratic, the world’s most deeply democratic method of governance was a punctuation mark far off to the left. Someone might have a method of measuring this more precisely, but I have a quick way: Google Search on “Sociocracy.” It may not be scientific but it’s an independent source… Read More . . . “The Google Count on Google Search: Sociocracy Rises”

Forced Pregnancy Is About Control over Women

Less than 20% of Americans oppose a woman’s right to control her own body. So why is the minority winning? In a democracy, where the votes of the majority elect lawmakers, how can the lawmakers pass laws that oppose the majority? This seems to happen often. Even in a democracy, the majority doesn’t control their lives, liberties, or ability to pursue happiness. Would this be different in a sociocratic democracy? (It would, of course, or… Read More . . . “Forced Pregnancy Is About Control over Women”

Sunseed Desert Technology, Andalusia, Spain

Sunseed Desert Technology Sociocracy 3.0 Workshop Sunseed Desert Technology is a center for practical education in off-grid living. It offers studies in sustainability, soil erosion in drylands, appropriate technology, eco-construction, and organic gardening.  The center has been teaching in the off-grid village of Los Molinos del Río Aguas in Andalusia, Spain for 30 years. Sunseed is in the process of adopting a more horizontal organizational structure inspired by Sociocracy. In 2019, the community worked with facilitators Xana Piteira and Maria Rute… Read More . . . “Sunseed Desert Technology, Andalusia, Spain”