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Collaborative organizations develop a wide variety of approaches to creating workplaces that are more democratic and sociocratic. Many other names and rationales are used but they end up in the same place as sociocratic democratic organizations. Freedom. Equality. Harmony. Inclusion. Self-organization.

We’re ready!

Logo of Sociocracy for All As Sharon has announced, Sociocracy For All is now curating this site. We’re proud to be following Sharon who has helped make sociocracy more known and used all over the world, both with this site and with We The People. A few words on who we are: Sociocracy For All was founded in 2016 by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez and myself, Ted Rau, because we wanted to see an organization that supports the sociocracy movement everywhere.  … Read More . . . “We’re ready!”

New Ownership: Sociocracy for All

Logo of Sociocracy for All I’m very happy that Sociocracy for All (SoFA) has stepped forward to assume responsibility for caretaking and developing They have an exciting plan to develop a commons for all the sociocracy-based theories and organizationsThe Delibrative Democracy Consortium (DDC)u is an alliance o... More. When I began in 2004, there was only one website devoted to sociocracy, based on Netherlands, and often hard to find. Search engines were fickle about it. Today when I… Read More . . . “New Ownership: Sociocracy for All”

Sunseed Desert Technology, Andalusia, Spain

Sunseed Desert Technology Sociocracy 3.0 Workshop Sunseed Desert Technology is a center for practical education in off-grid living. It offers studies in sustainability, soil erosion in drylands, appropriate technology, eco-construction, and organic gardening.  The center has been teaching in the off-grid village of Los Molinos del Río Aguas in Andalusia, Spain for 30 years. Sunseed is in the process of adopting a more horizontal organizational structure inspired by Sociocracy. In 2019, the community worked with facilitators Xana Piteira and Maria Rute… Read More . . . “Sunseed Desert Technology, Andalusia, Spain”

Self-Management at Zappos

Self-Management at Zappos Several articles have appeared in the last month or so on the implementation of self-management at Zappos. After having adopted Holacracy, which is based on the principles of sociocracy, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, sent a memo on 24 March 2015 to employees offering three months of salary to any employee who would read a book on Holacracy and quit if they were still not happy in an organization based on self-management. It was a… Read More . . . “Self-Management at Zappos”

A Sociocratic Movement?

I sat in on a conference call with the SociocraticConsultingGroup-en last week on forming an organization for sociocracy. I found the discussion to be about the same issues we had several years ago, when Socionet tried to form. It’s the same problem that the NVC organization has had, and that the Austin Belly dance group discussed on the [email protected] list many years ago. The problem of conflicting aims and energies between professionals and enthusiasts. The… Read More . . . “A Sociocratic Movement?”

Rainbow Community School, Asheville, NC

Rainbow Community School is a private, independent school serving 42 preschoolers and about 120 students from kindergarten through eighth grade in Asheville, North Carolina. For more than 35 years, we have been a national leader in alternative, holistic and contemplative education. The essay by Renee Owen, “Educating the Innovation Generation, Part IV, How Can School Create and Innovative Culture” discusses the school’s reasons for using sociocracy (Dynamic Governance).