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Podcast on commoning and sociocracy

Podcast on commoning and sociocracy By David Bollier. Drawing on their worldwide work with schools, tech ventures, and other projects and organizationsThe Delibrative Democracy Consortium (DDC)u is an alliance o... More, Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, Cofounders of Sociocracy for All, explain how Sociocracy provides a fair, effective, commons-based system of deliberation and decisionmaking. Listen to the podcast

Conflict Resolution: Strategies vs Trust

When connecting around needs and empathizing with feelings is going on, people don’t get hung up on strategies. Why not table discussion of strategies until there is universal agreement that all parties fully and deeply understand and appreciate each other’s feelings and needs? Then strategies need not be points of conflict—but points of creativity to find solutions that work for all. Strategies vs trust In the first sociocratic organization, Kees and Betty Boeke’s Children’s Community… Read More . . . “Conflict Resolution: Strategies vs Trust”