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Cooperatives and sociocracy – and conference on Feb 18

Cooperatives and sociocracy - and conference on Feb 18

The theory and practice of sociocracy in cooperatives

Join us for this online conference – an accessible introduction to, and interactive exploration of, the current and future theory and practice of sociocratic governance in cooperatives.

All presentations fall into one or more of these themes:

  • How sociocracy aligns with co-op values and principles.
  • Implementing sociocracy in co-ops. How to create sociocratic co-ops from scratch or implement sociocracy in an existing co-op. This will include case studies.
  • The Nuts & Bolts of sociocracy in co-ops, Practical tips, case studies, or discussions to share good practice.
  • Emerging themes – How sociocracy is evolving in the co-operative context and how sociocracy is relevant to new and exciting developments in the wider co-operative and social justice world.

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