Collaborative Organizations

New Ownership: Sociocracy for All

Logo of Sociocracy for AllI’m very happy that Sociocracy for All (SoFA) has stepped forward to assume responsibility for caretaking and developing They have an exciting plan to develop a commons for all the sociocracy-based theories and organizations. When I began in 2004, there was only one website devoted to sociocracy, based on Netherlands, and often hard to find. Search engines were fickle about it. Today when I checked the Google Count here are many now organizing, teaching, consulting, and applying sociocratic principles.

Many have made adaptations to be compatible with other methods they use and to fit the needs of their environment.  One of the most common questions I receive is which non-profit, or daycare center, or school, or factory, etc. is using sociocracy. There is a strong need in those who want to apply sociocracy to talk with people who understand their industry or organization.

It will be fascinating to read about each of these organizations and their development.

Ideas are still developing and capabilities being measured to judge what may be possible. One feature is a glossary to explain the various terms used in sociocracy, how they are applied in various contexts, and other concepts they are based on or related to. A directory of organizations and blogs by individuals are also possibilities. SoFA is known for developing ideas and leading a variety of applications. Great energy!

Until now, I have been the writer, editor, and publisher so I have made all the decisions. But I was often not capable of doing all the things I planned. There are still only 24 hours in the day. (Imagine that!). My experience of SoFA is that many people will come forward to help SoFA develop the site.

So look forward to changes in design and content, and enjoy. It’s been a pleasure.

Sharon Villines