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Values and Purpose

The principles and methods of sociocracy are often presented as “empty” meaning they can be used by any kind of organization to accomplish any aim. Values and purpose have no place in scientific method the argument goes. Sociocracy is based on studies of how things work in nature (cybernetics) and how people function in groups (sociology). It is free of ideology—any religious, economic, or political world view. No hidden agendas. No value system.

Equivalence and self-determination are  “practical” truths. “People live and work more productively when they are respected equally and have freedom of choice.”

But freedom and equality are still values. Societies rejecting these values, including nations, have been functioning for hundreds of years. Nature itself does not reflect these values. They are not inherent. They are unique to democracy, sociocracy, and some religious teachings.

The sociocratic principles, that everyone be valued equally (“equivalence”) and have control over the conditions in which they live and work (“consent”), are designed to establish and maintain values with the purpose of creating harmony in our lives, organizations, and workplaces.

Values give our lives purpose. We act because we value. 

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