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The Definitive List of Culture Hacking Books

Image of BooksAt, Daniel Mezick has compiled an intriguing list of books that discuss various approaches to changing cultures. All organizations develop a culture, a common language and ways of doing things. They communicate in specific ways, share common behavioral expectations, and value similar values. These are not always positive or even productive. Even when they stand in the way of effectiveness and harmony, they persist. Culture hacking is changing that culture from within the organization.

These books provide an understanding of cultures and describe tools and techniques for instigating change in formal and  informal organizations. Underlying culture hacking is an understanding of effective culture design. I’ve read some of them but  this is a new field for me and I look forward to working my way through them. If  you are also interested in understanding organization cultures, I recommend this list and invite comments. It also includes, we are happy to say, We the People: Consenting to a Deeper DemocracyThe Definitive List of Culture Hacking Books by John Buck and Sharon Villines.

New titles are added to the list as they emerge. A plan is afoot to also provide information in the form or ratings, rankings and reviews.

The Definitive List of CultureHacking Books

About Daniel Mezick

Dan Mezick is a coach and adviser to executives, project sponsors, managers and teams using Agile and Scrum. His consulting firm, New Technology Solutions, Inc. provides Agile training, coaching, and consulting to companies that include The Hartford Insurance companies, Siemens Corporation, Sikorsky Aircraft. He writes on Agile and Scrum for the Agile Journal, the Scrum Alliance, InfoQ. He also led the Manifesting Agility Stage of the Agile2009 conference and is the founder of Agile Boston, a regional Agile community and one of the largest Agile user groups in the USA.

His also the author of The Culture Game: Tools for the Agile ManagerThe Definitive List of Culture Hacking Books for those who hire people and convene meeting. “Tribal Leadership is a kind of operating system, The Culture Game is a kind of application that runs on it. This book is the first to define #culturehacking, the first to build upon the work of Tribal Leadership, and the first to state in print that #Agile builds a Senge-style learning organization.”