History and Philosophy


I tried a different way of dealing with the name thing. I know Gerard doesn’t want sociocracy to be “his” thing but calling it the Endenburg method, referring to Endenburg’s principles and practices, etc. avoids a lot of gunk. We have to resolve this and nothing is working for me. When you write a book, the first thing you do is have a title. It has to have a title. This doesn’t yet. No one can object to “Endenburg” except him. Boeke works too because it can be said once you see/say it once. I know Gerard would be happy with that.

Creative people want autonomy, mastery, and a sense of higher purpose. Dynamic Governance doesn’t have that. There is no dream in it. A sociocracy comes close in that it is an all encompassing ideal but it is clouded with socialism and its close friend communism.

Both Boeke and Endenburg had dreams. I opened Gerard’s first book last week to get the copyright info and re-discovered that he begins with the concept of happiness: Happiness is a natural phenomenon. And a poem, “Happiness is like a flower…” Some how that isn’t begin carried forward in the SCN of things.

I think we need to get back to that.