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Citizen Hive: Description of Sociocracy

Citizen Hive is a NGO in Sweden Using Sociocracy

From the Citizen Hive website on sociocratic governance and why the organization uses it:

Citizen Hive uses Sociocracy as our governance system.

What is Sociocracy?

Sociocracy is a holistic approach for inclusive decision-making, efficient governance, and the ongoing evaluation and improvement of your team, project, or organization.
It fosters empowerment and an attitude where people feel encouraged to experiment, fail, and learn.

Other benefits of sociocracy:

  • Fosters more trust
  • Encourages individuals to be accountable to the group´s agreements, relative to available energy and resources.
  • Helps users evaluate what they do, identify their strengths and growing edges, and apply what they’ve learned to future projects and collaborations.
  • Focuses on solutions and helps transform potentially painful disagreements into creative opportunities that benefit the whole group.

Why is Citizen Hive using a sociocratic governance system?

Citizen Hive has chosen this as our governance system because we want transparency and equivalence in our organization. We believe in self leadership and self governance as means for creating sustainable values to society as within Citizen Hive.Sociocracy is a social technology for purposeful organization. It radically changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed through a set of “rules of the game” that bake empowerment into the core of the organization. Unlike conventional top-down or progressive bottom-up approaches, it integrates the benefits of both without relying on parental heroic leaders. Everyone becomes a leader of their roles and a follower of others’, processing tensions with real authority and real responsibility, through dynamic governance and transparent operations.Citizen Hive is facilitating the meeting of a diverse group of people, to start new cooperation projects, and to spark bright ideas. With Sociocracy as a neutral governance system, we believe more fun, sound, and sustainable projects can occur, where the individual sovereignty is maintained.

From the Governance page of Citizen Hive. Accessed 29 March 2014.