Workshops on Sociocracy

For Those Seeking Workshops & Training

However, there are many workshops begin held around the world, including webinars that can be viewed from anywhere. They occur regularly, internationally in several languages. Here are a few place where you can find more information:

Google Search. Do a Google Search on sociocracy and training, workshops, webinars, etc. Include your area if you are interested in a local event.

Sociocracy eMail Discussion List. Join [email protected] and ask about workshops. And recommendations of where to look for them, who to contact, etc. [email protected] is moderated by Sharon Villines whose website was established in 2004. She is coauthor with John Buck of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy (2017).

Sociocracy Consulting Group. Sociocracy Consulting is a group of consultants who work internationally with organizations and teach  workshops and webinars. They work primarily in English with a limited number in Spanish and French. Check their calendar for announcements of upcoming events. Is also a good source of information about sociocracy.

Sociocracy for All (Sofa). Sofa was created by American consultant and trainer Jerry Koch-Gonzales and videographer and trainer Ted Rau. It’s mission is to  provide easy access to resources and training. Sofa has a very active program of webinars and online discussions: Sociocracy Leadership Training, Sociocracy Academy, Empowered Learning Circle, and 2.5 day workshops. Also has an extensive video series. Rau and Koch-Gonzales are authors of the sociocracy handbook Many Voices, One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy (2018).

SociocracyUK. SociocracyUK is a multi-faceted Ning Network site created by British trainer and consultant Nathaniel Whitestone to “increase awareness of and accessibility to sociocracy in the UK by developing a membership network, disseminating information, promoting learning of sociocratic principles and practices, developing sociocratic experts and sharing model ways to make sociocracy work for communities, business and government at all levels.” Workshops are listed under events or you can post a query in the forum.