To Order Bulk Copies

Please fill out and send this form to order 20+ books. I will contact you about shipping charges, ability to meet your deadline, etc., and send an invoice for the total.

Bulk orders are only possible for the English language print edition.


Bulk Orders
Please include first and last name, and title if appropriate.
Please include title if appropriate. If an order is being shipped to a workshop location, for example, this might be the name of the facility office manager. This is important or the package may be returned or lost altogether.
UPS will use this if there are delivery problems. The number will not be released to anyone or used for any other purpose.
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Arrival dates cannot be guaranteed but the usual delivery dates are within 2 weeks but ordering 4 weeks in advance is safer. Orders can be sent express at additional cost and to arrive within a week. Ordering early is better than ordering too late.
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