The Book: We the People

Cover of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy by John Buck and Sharon VillinesConsenting to a Deeper Democracy

The book, We the People by John Buck and Sharon Villines, is the first comprehensive presentation of the history and theoretical foundations of sociocracy. The Introduction discusses sociocracy today—the kinds of organizations where it is being practiced, the languages in which it is being taught, and where it can be studied.

The text discusses  the history of sociocracy since the mid-nineteenth century, the principles and methods, how and why they produce better organizations, and “how to” chapters. In addition to sample bylaws and practical guides for circle meetings, it includes pivotal articles by:

  • Lester Frank Ward, “Sociocracy.”
  • Kees Boeke, “Democracy as It Might Be.”
  • Gerard Endenburg, “Rational for a New Social Structure.”

It also includes an extensive Glossary and Bibliography.  Full Contents

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