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We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, 2nd Edition

Front cover of the second edition of We the People

The 2nd edition of We The People: Consenting To A Deeper Democracy by John Buck & Sharon Villines was released in September, 2017 in both print and digital editions.

Since publication of the first edition in 2007, We the People has become the standard reference on sociocratic principles and practices and  its history and theoretical base. It  is a comprehensive presentation of the history, principles, and theory of sociocracy. It also includes “how to” information, reprints of historical texts, guides to meeting processes, a glossary, and a bibliography and index. The second printing, with corrections, is now shipping.

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The second edition has been substantially updated and expanded. It remains the definitive handbook for learning about sociocracy and the method of designing and organizing our organizations that makes the collaborative of the 21st century actually workable. Not only workable, it creates workplaces and associations that are more effective, efficient, and harmonious. Its values are equivalence,  transparency, and accountability.

“Sociocracy is an essential tool for the 21st Century that in essence is simultaneously simple, human and practical.” Martin Grimshaw

Sociocracy based on consent decision-making for policy decisions, which are made by teams and departments. Teams, called circles, are interlinked in a hierarchical structure that is designed to optimize communications, especially feedback. The coordinating or general management circle  includes members of departmental teams and makes policy decisions by consent of all its members. This ensures that policies are fully communicated at all levels and will be implemented smoothly and efficiently.

“Our understanding of how the world works was fundamentally altered when the mechanical model of closed, linear systems was replaced with cybernetics and complexity theory. Sociocracy is a governance method that uses these new sciences to design organizations that are as powerful, self-organizing, and self-correcting as the natural world, including the honeybees.” From the bookcover.

A New Operating System

The operations leader of each departmental circle participates as an equal in policy decisions and makes daily operations decisions within these policies. There are clear lines of accountability so each person is committed to acting within the policies to which they have consented. Along with other policy decisions, budget and planning decisions directly affecting a circle or department are distributed to be made at all levels within the larger organizations policies.

Thus the loading dock would be assigned the responsibility  of serving the whole organization’s delivery and shipping needs, but would work collaboratively within the department to decide how best to do it, developing its own policies for daily operations and its own professional development plans. Meeting the standards of the organization is required, but the daily working environment is determined by those who work in it.

There is no other set of principles and practices or operational model that ensures collaborative decision-making and respect for the intelligence and commitment of all members of an organization.

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Availability of Paper & Digital Editions

The paper and digital editions are available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell Books, and other inline book sellers. You can order copies through your local booksellers.

We The People: Consenting To A Deeper Democracy by John Buck & Sharon Villines – 2nd edition 2017

Softback book:
ISBN: 978-0-9792827-3-7

Digital edition for all readers:
ISBN: 978-0-9792827-2-0

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