Ricardo Semler Democracy Is Work

Democracy is a lot of work… It needs to be exercised with conviction and without subterfuge or exception. And it begins with the little things, like neckties, time clocks, parking spaces, and petroleum blue uniforms. Ricardo Semler in Maverick, 1993

Ricardo Semler on Transparency

    No one can expect the spirit of involvement and partnership to flourish without an abundance of information available even to the most humble employee. I know all the arguments against a policy of full disclosure. … But the advantages of openness and truthfulness far outweigh the disadvantages. And a company that doesn’t share information when times are good loses the right to request solidarity and concessions when they aren’t. Ricardo Semler Quotation on… Read More . . . “Ricardo Semler on Transparency”

Winston Churchill, Antidote to Idiocy

We reconcile ourselves to the decadence of the present only if we choose to remain ignorant of the achievements of the past. Winston ChurchillWe reconcile ourselves to the decadence of the present only ... More Bret Stephens, “An Antidote to Idiocy in ‘Churchill’,” New York Times, 15 December 2018.