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Quotations are things to save and savor. They trigger memories and pinpoint ideas. And sometimes remind us of people or ideas we had forgotten. These are broadly related to the same concepts and values of a sociocratic democracy.

Participation: From Users and Choosers to Makers and Shapers

Having a right to participate means being recognized by the state as having an entitlement to be informed and involved. Making that right calls for amplifying and channeling citizen voices on the one hand and strengthening the state accountability on the other. Reinventing peoples´ role in this way—”from users and choosers to makers and shapers”— has profound implications for how citizens come to be seen by the state. Pranav Bhattarai In “Revisiting Governance” in Repùblica, … Read More . . . “Participation: From Users and Choosers to Makers and Shapers”

On Transparency

Photo of Ricardo Semler No one can expect the spirit of involvement and partnership to flourish without an abundance of information available even to the most humble employee. I know all the arguments against a policy of full disclosure. … But the advantages of openness and truthfulness far outweigh the disadvantages. And a company that doesn’t share information when times are good loses the right to request solidarity and concessions when they aren’t. Ricardo Semler  Quotation on one value… Read More . . . “On Transparency”

Work, Not Business

This is not a business book. It is a book about work, and how it can be changed for the better. Ricardo Semler in Maverick, 1993, in a statement following the acknowledgements. Maverick was originally published in Portuguese as Turning the Tables in 1988.

Democracy Is a Lot of Work

Democracy is a lot of work, I kept telling myself and anyone else who would listen. It needs to be exercised with conviction and without subterfuge or exception. And it begins with the little things, like neckties, time clocks, parking spaces, and petroleum blue uniforms. Ricardo Semler in Maverick, 1993, p. 136. Maverick was originally published in Portuguese as Turning the Tables in 1988.

Vision, Mission, Aim Statement, DecisionLab, UK

From DecisionLab’s website: DecisionLab holds a space for resolution: the moment when conflict and turmoil turn into creative power; the shared commitment to accomplish a challenging goal. We envision a world where everyone knows how to collaborate in making good decisions, and where every community has facilitative leaders who evoke the fair and creative participation of their associates. We offer facilitation, training, coaching & consultancy services to organisations and leaders with whom we share common… Read More . . . “Vision, Mission, Aim Statement, DecisionLab, UK”