Sharon Villines

Sharon Villines is a writer and Mentor Emeritus at SUNY Empire State College, where she taught, among other things, arts management and small business planning, and served on numerous academic and governance policy committees. She served as president and grievance chair and on the statewide board of the AFL-CIO-affiliated faculty union. She is a co-author of Orientation to College: A Reader on Becoming an Educated Person (Wadsworth, 2004). With a long interest in how we organize ourselves, Villines began studying sociocracy with Buck in 2002 and now writes a blog, Sociocracy. infod and moderates an active email discussion list on sociocracy. She uses her experience in nonprofit organizations, labor unions, universities, schools, religious and political action groups, cohousing, and other cooperative enterprises as a basis for analyzing and explaining sociocracy. She lives in a cohousing community in Washington, DC and has two adult children.

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