Hierarchies 101

There is nothing about a hierarchy that assumes “the people at the top” are any more intelligent or more highly trained than the people at the bottom. They have a different function, one which requires a specific knowledge base and skill set, not necessarily more of either intelligence or training. A case in point is a university. The president of a college has, one hopes, a certain kind of knowledge and training. The teaching staff… Read More . . . “Hierarchies 101”

Satisfice: Satisfying & Sufficient

Satisfice (a portmanteau of satisfy and suffice) is a decision-making strategy that attempts to meet criteria for adequacy and not to find an ideal solution. The word satisfice was created by Herbert Simon in 1947. He pointed out that human beings lack the cognitive resources to maximize: we usually do not know the relevant probabilities of outcomes, we can rarely test all outcomes with sufficient precision, and our memories are weak and unreliable. A more… Read More . . . “Satisfice: Satisfying & Sufficient”


Sociocracy@yahoogroups.com was started in October of 2000 by Marielle Jansen who was a member of the Sociocratisch Centrum in Rotterdam, beginning in the early 1990s. Sharon Villines became moderator of the list in 2002 when Marielle moved to Australia. In 2002 there were 12 members. In 2010, there were 272. In 2013, 304. This is the most active forum for discussion about sociocracy. List traffic varies depending on the current topic. Topics range from questions… Read More . . . “Sociocracy@yahoogroups.com”

Sharon Villines

Sharon Villines is a writer and Mentor Emeritus at SUNY Empire State College, where she taught, among other things, arts management and small business planning, and served on numerous academic and governance policy committees. She served as president and grievance chair and on the statewide board of the AFL-CIO-affiliated faculty union. She is a co-author of Orientation to College: A Reader on Becoming an Educated Person (Wadsworth, 2004). With a long interest in how we… Read More . . . “Sharon Villines”

John Buck

John Buck, GovernanceAlive Consulting. John Buck was the first native English-speaking consultant certified to teach and implement the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method (SCM). In the 1980s, he learned to read Dutch to study with Gerard Endenburg at the Sociocratisch Centrum in Rotterdam. He then completed a master’s degree in Quantitative Sociology at George Washington University. By using quantitative analysis to measure the effects of sociocracy on Dutch workers, he confirmed its effectiveness in increasing worker commitment and organizational productivity. John… Read More . . . “John Buck”