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Linda Coté, Sociocracy Consultant, New England

Photo of Linda CotéLinda Coté’s passion is to enable businesses and organizations to collaborate better in order to work more efficiently and make more inclusive decisions, encouraging creativity through a more participatory working environment. She can assist clients through facilitation, training and consulting to modify their existing practices in order to allow better integration of staff ideas, increasing staff morale and ultimately improving their end product or service.

Since graduating from college, Linda has worked in several fields: public accounting, systems analysis, cooperative management, bookkeeping services, facilitation and mediation. Since 2012 she has studied Sociocracy and considers it one of the most effective ways to achieve a dynamic, participatory work environment.

Linda practices Nonviolent Communication, helps organizations create Restorative Systems, and facilitates Restorative Circles. She is also studying the impact of Emotional Intelligence on group decision-making.

Education and credentials

  • Member of the Sociocracy Consulting Group
  • Certificated Sociocratic Facilitator Feb 2017
  • Cooperative Management Institute, University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, 1998.
  • Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Massachusetts in Amherst, 1977.
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