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It is impossible to maintain a current list of consultants, trainers, and workshops. We have listed only those whose primary focus is on teaching sociocracy and using methods consistent with those developed by Gerard Endenburg. Some combine sociocratic principles  with other methods, for example, NVC, Restorative Circles, psychology, etc.  These are noted where known, as well as the  language in which the consultants teach.

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Gerard Endenburg and Jerry Koch-Gonzales
Gerard Endenburg and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez is one of the most devoted and active teachers and trainers of sociocracy today. The breadth and degree of his enthusiasm and commitment are masked by his quiet and unassuming manner. At the cohousing conference in 2015, I was almost an hour late for my presentation because I had remembered the wrong time. When I arrived everyone was intently focused on the other end of the room. I couldn’t even get their attention when I started introducing myself and apologizing.

Jerry had jumped in for me, pulled out his charts from somewhere,  and started giving an introduction to sociocracy. Then he was taking questions. People were mesmerized. Anytime, anywhere, Jerry will give a basic explanation and answer questions.

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Jerry does frequent training both on site and via webinars. Check the Sociocracy for All (Sofa website for the next sessions and their location.

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A New Venture: Sociocracy for All (Sofa)

Jerry Koch Gonzales teaching a workshop.
Jerry Koch Gonzales (sitting on the desk) teaching a workshop.

Jerry’s new venture is  Sociocracy for All (Sofa).  He is the project director and the core trainer. The purpose is to spread sociocracy. Jerry has taught sociocracy for a long time is part of several sociocratic organizations. But it is practice that shows the beauty of sociocracy. One can teach and explain but really it is the doing that excites people.

Sociocracy For All was created to help organizations that cannot afford to hire consultants. SoFA helps these organizations find support for learning and implementing Sociocracy.

Sociocracy For All raises funds to support the development of educational materials that can be freely distributed and to subsidize the cost of consultants. Organizations that can pay the full cost of implementing Sociocracy are referred to The Sociocracy Consulting Group (of which Jerry Koch-Gonzalez is the CEO).

Sociocracy For All is a volunteer organization sponsored by the Institute for Peaceable Communities, Inc. For delivery of services beyond the capacity of volunteers, we contract out work to independent consultants. Eventually we may have paid staff.

Upcoming Workshops

Sociocracy Leadership Program (SoLT) starts September 9. It will be taught online using Zoom and  in the English language.

It is a 12-week sociocracy immersion learning program, done remotely and by doing sociocracy in a pop-up organization that we are setting up for people. Anyone anywhere in the world who can make the commitment and speaks English can apply. This is an innovative way of teaching governance, and I hope we can spread learning quickly and effectively. We noticed that we can talk and talk about sociocracy and people are convinced that sociocracy sounds good, but they don’t understand it until they actually make decisions by consent. We want to give people that experience. SoLT is the best way we can think of to give affordable, practical access to this experience to people, and through the SoLT project they can even contribute to the spread of sociocracy!

Jerry will also be teaching a full-day sociocracy workshop in Brooklyn on two dates: September 17 and 18,  2016. These are sponsored by the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture in Brooklyn, New York.
A 90-minute introduction Sociocracy: the Operating System of the New Economy will be hosted by the Social Enterprise Greenhouse in Providence RI on September 26, 2016 at 5:30pm.
More information and registration for these workshops, see

There are a number of Jerry’s videos about sociocracy on YouTube. You can subscribe to his channel to be notified of future videos.

SoFA is planning events in Boston, NH, CT, OH and PA for late fall and winter right now. If you are interested in hearing about them, sign up for the Sofa mailing list.

SoFA is also posting recent webinar recordings such as a sociocracy introduction for the Vermont Employee Ownership Center and one on facilitation decision-making. These and other free videos and printable resources are available here

About Jerry

While others like John Buck have more experience in government agencies, institutions, and businesses, and Diana Leafe Christian with intentional communities, Jerry has a long history with social and economic change beginning as a trainer with The Movement for a New Society in the 1970s. A list of his affiliations reveals his long-term interest in practical social reform.

He has been a Board member of the Institute for Community Economics , United for a Fair Economy and Class Action, and a trainer with the National Coalition Building Institute, DiversityWorks, Cambridge Youth Peace & Justice Corps, Lesley College Center for Peaceable Schools, Boston College Center for Social Justice, the Association for Resident Controlled Housing, and Spirit in Action. His commitment has out lived many of these organizations.

Jerry is currently the CEO of The Sociocracy Consulting Group (itself a limited liability company run on sociocratic principles). Jerry is a founding and current resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing, a 21-year old community in Amherst MA that has been successfully using Sociocracy for more than four years.

Diana Leafe Christian, United States

Diana Leafe ChristianDiana is the author of Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities and Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community (New Society Publishers, 2003, 2005). She teaches Sociocracy to intentional communities — including ecovillages and cohousing communities — in North America and internationally. She also leads workshops on starting  all varieties of intentional communities, how existing communities can succeed and thrive, and on governance and decision-making.

As a representative to GENNA, Global Ecovillage Network North America, Diana Leafe Christian writes about North American ecovillages for the GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) Newsletter. She was editor of Communities magazine for 14 years, now publishes Ecovillages newsletter.

Diana does workshops and training for intentional communities internationally including the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe.  She is a partner in  The Sociocracy Consulting Group (TSCG).

She is a member of Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina.

Contact information:

John Schinnerer, Hawaii

John SchinnererJohn Schinnerer lives in Hawaii and works all over the Pacific and Western States, as well as online. He is a whole systems design consultant, teacher, and facilitator who develops cultural and ecological systems for a variety of public, private, and nonprofit clients. He is a partner at the Sociocracy Consulting Group.

Since 1996, he has studied, worked, taught, and published in the realms of human relatings, governance, and decision-making systems, appropriate technology and ecological design. He applies his wide-ranging observations of and experience with cultural and ecological systems to all aspects of his practice.

Awareness and integration of existing cultural patterns is key to his inclusive approach to Dynamic Governance design and facilitation.

His emphasis is on maximizing clarity, honesty, and integrity while enhancing individual and group efficiency and effectiveness – in other words, to get things done and have more fun! He helps organizations recognize that success for people who want to accomplish something together is determined by how well they work, play, and make decisions together.

Education and Credentials

  • Master’s Degree in Whole Systems Design, with a focus on cultural and ecological design
  • Training, mentoring and certification preparation in Dynamic Governance through GovernanceAlive.

Martin Grimshaw, England, UK

Martin GrimshawMartin Grimshaw is a facilitator, trainer and organizational consultant based in the south of England. He works with groups, teams and individuals to help them find better ways of working and living.

Red Butterfly, Logo for There's a Better Way.Martin is the founder of There’s Better Ways of Working: Tools for a Smarter Planet, where he works with clients in implementing healthier and happier collaboration.

He also co-founded SociocracyUK and DecisionLab, and provides tools for participation, and systems for organizational and planetary wellbeing.

Workshops on Sociocracy

For Those Seeking Workshops & Training

However, there are many workshops begin held around the world, including webinars that can be viewed from anywhere. They occur regularly, internationally in several languages. Here are a few place where you can find more information:

Google Search. Do a Google Search on sociocracy and training, workshops, webinars, etc. Include your area if you are interested in a local event.

Sociocracy eMail Discussion List. Join [email protected] and ask about workshops. And recommendations of where to look for them, who to contact, etc. [email protected] is moderated by Sharon Villines whose website was established in 2004. She is coauthor with John Buck of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy (2017).

Sociocracy Consulting Group. Sociocracy Consulting is a group of consultants who work internationally with organizations and teach  workshops and webinars. They work primarily in English with a limited number in Spanish and French. Check their calendar for announcements of upcoming events. Is also a good source of information about sociocracy.

Sociocracy for All (Sofa). Sofa was created by American consultant and trainer Jerry Koch-Gonzales and videographer and trainer Ted Rau. It’s mission is to  provide easy access to resources and training. Sofa has a very active program of webinars and online discussions: Sociocracy Leadership Training, Sociocracy Academy, Empowered Learning Circle, and 2.5 day workshops. Also has an extensive video series. Rau and Koch-Gonzales are authors of the sociocracy handbook Many Voices, One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy (2018).

SociocracyUK. SociocracyUK is a multi-faceted Ning Network site created by British trainer and consultant Nathaniel Whitestone to “increase awareness of and accessibility to sociocracy in the UK by developing a membership network, disseminating information, promoting learning of sociocratic principles and practices, developing sociocratic experts and sharing model ways to make sociocracy work for communities, business and government at all levels.” Workshops are listed under events or you can post a query in the forum.

Gregory Rouillard, US

Gregory RouillardGregory Rouillard, M.S., M.Div., is a Boulder native who grew up in a small town in western Colorado before attending the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Following graduation, he was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served for twenty years as an AV-8B Harrier pilot and in numerous other roles. He earned a Master of Science in Operations Research at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in 2003 and retired in 2008.

Near the end of his career as a Marine, Gregory met John Buck and began to study and practice the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method under his mentorship. At about the same time he began to study and practice Compassionate Communication (NVC) with Capital NVC, an organization in the Washington, D.C. area which became his first Sociocratic consulting client.

Since moving back home to Colorado in 2009, Rouillard continued to develop the Circle Sigma System and refine his understanding and presentation of Sociocracy and Compassionate Communication. He has consulting clients around the U.S., including NVC organizations in Denver and Madison, Wisconsin, the Boulder Valley School District and cohousing communities in Colorado and Oklahoma.

He is the Executive Director of Family HEART Camp, a series of summer camps for all ages based in the principles and practice of Compassionate Communication. Family HEART Camp and its parent non-profit both use the Circle Sigma System.

Rouillard and his family live in Nyland Cohousing in Lafayette, Colorado. He is a recent graduate of the Master of Divinity program at Naropa University in Boulder.

Storm Integrated Solutions, US

Logo for Storm Integrated SolutionsStorm Integrated Solutions provides organizational governance solutions to communities, voluntary organizations, government agencies, non-profits, and small businesses. The principal is Gregory Rouillard who developed the Circle Sigma System. Based on Boulder, Colorado, they work with clients in other locations.

Our primary transformational framework is The Circle Sigma System, an integrated application of the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method, Compassionate Communication, and Restorative Circles. We offer the following services:

  • Public workshops and training events
  • Telephonic and web-based trainings
  • On-site trainings tailored to your organization
  • Ongoing consultation and support in implementing transformational practices in your organization
  • Professional facilitation of any group meeting or process
  • Public speaking at local events

Sociocracy Consulting Group

The Sociocracy Consulting Group, LLC, is an international consulting firm formed in 2013 by several certified consultants including John Buck, the first sociocracy consultant in the United States. It is  a division of the Global Sociocracy Group, with head offices in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

We are a team of passionate believers in equivalence, effectiveness, and transparency. We combine a diversity of backgrounds with a common vision, mission, and aim.

Clients choose us time and again because

  • Their staff becomes more engaged
  • Leaders’ jobs become easier
  • Their financial well-being improves

We create long-term sustainable partnerships with our clients as we help organizations adopt Dynamic Governance as their decision-making and governance method.

Our portfolio of clients is well diversified and includes organizations of all types—from manufacturers to drug researchers; from government agencies to religious groups; from nonprofit associations and schools to cohousing communities and families.

Gina Price, Australia

Gina Price is a certified trainer in sociocracy and a partner in the international Sociocracy Consulting Group and does training online and in Australia. Gina has been interested in the way people organize themselves since spending a year on an Antarctic Base in 1985. She experience includes working with groups in wilderness adventures, scientific expeditions, a Quaker community in Alaska, and an ecovillage development project.

Gina has been learning about and working with the Sociocratic method since 2004. In 2006 she initiated the formation of the Australasia Training Circle for Sociocracy which adopted the approach of “using the method to promote the method.” In 2007 this resulted in the group hosting the first training event in Australia after which Gina, under the mentorship of Tena Meadows O’Rear, consulted to the first Australian business to trial Sociocracy. In April 2008 Gina became a certified trainer in Sociocracy through Sociocratisch Centrum Nederland. In May 2008 she worked alongside Tena to present training to the Sydney Coastal EcoVillage and at the Business Leaders Forum on Sustainability, Parliament House, Canberra. In September 2008 she gave her first solo training in Fairbanks, Alaska.

In July 2009 Gina completed a Certificate of Coaching  with Coach School, Bentley, and brings a coaching approach to her work with individuals and organizations. Since then she has conducted a number of seminars, introductory evenings and further trainings. In teaching and promoting Sociocracy, Gina continues to develop approaches that provide opportunities for individuals to learn by doing.

In addition to regularly teaching seminars and workshops, Gina has done training in sociocracy/dynamic governance with the Sydney Coastal EcoVillage (Narara Ecovillage) and at the Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development, Parliament House, Canberra.

Education and Credentials

  • Certified Trainer in Sociocracy, Sociocratisch Centrum Nederland, 2008
  • Certificate of Coaching, Coach School, Bentley Western Australia, 2009
  • Certificate III in Permaculture, Eltham College, Victoria, 2011
  • PhD – Upper Atmosphere Physics in the Auroral Zone, University of Adelaide, South Australia, 1989

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, Massachusetts, US

Jerry Koch GonzalezJerry Koch-Gonzalez is a certified sociocracy consultant  and  partner in the Sociocracy Consulting Group. His focus is individual and organizational development in governance, decision-making, communication skills, and conflict resolution. His career has been in  organizing, educating, and consulting for social justice.

The approaches he uses are sociocracy/dynamic governance, Non-Violent Communication and Mediation, Restorative Circles, and Transformational Mediation. The organizations with which he has worked include Movement for a New Society, the National Coalition Building Institute, DiversityWorks, Cambridge Youth Peace & Justice Corps, Lesley College Center for Peaceable Schools, Boston College Center for Social Justice, Spirit in Action, United for a Fair Economy and Class Action.

Pioneer Valley CohousingTeaching and implementing sociocracy in intentional community is one of Jerry’s areas of focus. The cohousing communities and community leaders with whom he has worked include Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community (where he has lived since its founding in 1994), Green Haven (CT), Champlain Valley (VT), Burlington (VT), Pathways (MA), Jamaica Plain (MA), Cambridge (MA), and Cornerstone (MA). He is also active in New England Non-Violent Communication.

Jerry is a partner in the Sociocracy Consulting Group and publishes a blog, Both-And Consulting.

Francine Proulx-Kenzle, Western Prairies, Canada

Francine Proulx-Kenzle is  a certified sociocratic consultant and a partner in the international firm the Sociocracy Consulting Group. She has has more than 25 years of experience in management, organizational governance, facilitation, conflict resolution, and mediation for non-profit, government, and academic organizations. She supported implement of sociocracy/dynamic governance at the Institut Français of the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, where she also facilitated collective agreements between teachers, support staff, and the provincial Francophone school division, Conseil des Ecoles Fransaskoises. As part of that process, she integrated the interest-based approach to conflict resolution. She is active with the provincial Francophone community networks.

Francine facilitates the Table des Élus (Table of Elected Officials), which oversees the Fransaskois community’s comprehensive development plan. She also serves as the elected Francophone Member-at-Large for PFLAG Canada, a charitable organization that speaks for a more accepting Canadian society by providing support, education, and resources on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Education and Credentials

  • Local Government Certificate from the University of Regina
  • Courses in interest-based conflict resolution from Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
  • Various professional development seminars, including Appreciative Inquiry
  • Certified Sociocratic Organizational Consultant

Nathaniel Whitestone, UK

Nathan Whitestone Nathaniel Whitestone is a certified sociocratic consultant based in England. He is a Director of the international development consultancy Aptivate in the UK, and is a co-founder of Genius Engine, an international management consultancy and game design firm. He has worked in the area of organizational development and transformation since 1996.

He developed his expertise in supporting personal transformation and creating high-quality relationships over three years of training with shamans in the American Southwest and another two years of apprenticeship with pioneering psychologists Drs. C.G. and Kathlyn Hendricks. He has served as steering-committee member of the Global Ecovillage Network and editor at the World Business Academy,

Nathaniel’s LinkedIn Page.

Sociogest, Longueuil and Lac Simon, Québec, Canada

Sociogest Logo

Sociogest is one of the oldest sociocracy consulting firms, specializing in management training and organizational development. It was started by Gilles Charest, a consultant with 40 years of organizational development experience, who also melds his training in Gestalt psychology with sociocracy to teach leadership skills. The firm has an international network of consultants in French-speaking countries, the United States, and Holland.

Gilles Charest, Quebec

Gilles CharestGilles Charest is a certified sociocracy consultant and corporate trainer with over 40 years of organizational development experience. He melds his training in Gestalt psychology with sociocracy to teach leadership skills.  He founded Sociogest, one of the oldest sociocracy consulting firms in 1986,

Since 2003, Charest has led the International School for Leaders (L’École International des Chefs), which teaches the principles of sociocratic governance. He focuses on interventions supporting leaders and their employees to work better together. His areas of expertise are executive coaching , strategic planning, communications and decision-making, change management , succession development , performance management , conflict resolution and development teams in the workplace .

He speaks English and French and works in Canada and French-speaking countries in Europe, and leads the francophone center for sociocracy.

Charest has written several articles and books in the field of management including :


The Sociocracy Group

The Sociocratisch Centrum was founded by Gerard Endenburg who developed the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method.

In 2014, it reorganized and became The Sociocracy Group (TSG) to distinguish itself as an international  consulting firm with affiliates in many countries.  The Sociocracy Group serves as a professional association for certified facilitators, trainers, and consultants, and oversees the Certification of Sociocratic Experts worldwide.

The standards, norms, and certification process are posted on the site. Along with an international list of Certified Experts by country. Annewiek Reijmer is now the General Manager.

From the website:

The Sociocracy Group is an organization that promotes sociocracy as a method of governance for all facets of global society. It is legally organized in The Netherlands and headquartered in Rotterdam.
Sociocracy enables people to live and work together as different, unique persons through dynamic structures and mutual equivalency in decision-making.
The Sociocracy Group adds the sociocratic circle-organization method (SCM) to global society by guiding regional TSG offices and providing a corps of certified sociocratic experts using the sociocratic norms.

To contact the TSG, email the General Manager: Annewiek Reijmer.