Supplementary Materials for We the People Second Edition

Supplementary Materials for We the People, second edition can be downloaded.

Chapter 13  Organizing Work

The 27-Block Chart Planning for Organizing the Production Process

The example of the 27-Block Chart was too large to include in either the print or digital editions so an example is included here.

There is an example in English below that you can download as a PDF.  A version in Spanish is in preparation.

27-Block Chart PDF

27-Block Chart
27-Block Chart

Chapter 14: Money as Measurement


The first digital version of the second edition in English required the diagrams to be removed and the text altered to be understandable without them. They may be useful, however, for those who would like more detail. All the illustrations are included here for download in a single PDF.

Illustrations for Chapter 14  Money as Measurement

Please note that all diagrams are copyrighted and may only be reproduced with permission. For permission, please send an email Press.

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