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Holacracy and Sociocracy

Holacracy LogoThe history of Holacracy and sociocracy:

John Buck consulted with Brian Robertson to organize his company sociocratically years ago. Brian was very enthusiastic and was already a devotee of Ken Wilber.

Brian had a very interesting business model. His company, Ternary Software, didn’t do work under contract. If they decided to work with a company, they became their IT department. Thus they only worked with companies they had confidence in enough to join instead of contracting for services without that kind of involvement. It also meant an ongoing relationship. In this way, they were networked to a set of companies.

John enjoyed the exchanges with Brian since he is an intelligent and energetic person. For several years they talked monthly or so about developments in their work. Brian was interested not only in beginning a new enterprise with a name he could trademark and market, but also in integrating some of Ken Wilber’s ideas. He acknowledges his debt to sociocracy in the foundation of holacracy but has added many ideas of Ken Wilbur’s adding a purpose-driven, almost religious dimension.

There was an article in the Booz Allen internal newsletter a few years ago in which he explained his theory and talked extensively about sociocracy.

I don’t know why Brian named it “holacracy” instead of “holocracy,” in reference to holons. (I knew that would be your next question.)