Sociocratic Organizations

The most frequent request we receive is for examples of how sociocratic organizations function. Give me an example. Who is using sociocracy? It is also the most difficult question to answer.

Many organizations — businesses, corporations, schools, condominiums, cohousing communities, etc., use sociocracy or parts of it to organize and govern themselves. Most, however, want to be known for who they are and what they do, not for being sociocratic. Most corporations use the methods developed under Total Quality Management, but don’t want to be known as “TQM companies.” Others don’t want to be labelled.

It is also problematic to label an organization “sociocratic” when they may be using one or two of the methods, or all the methods but doing it poorly and unsuccessfully.

But examples are the best way for some people to understand what sociocracy is and how circular organizations work. We intend to collect stories, some fictional and some from organizations, that we think will be helpful in understanding what sociocracy is and how it works.

Green Amigos: How the Circle-archy Works, or Having Fun in Business Again  A small landscaping partnership grows weeds and snakes before it brings in help to return things to the way it used to be. A fictional example. Fiction is often more truthful than non-fiction.

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