John Buck, US, AU, CAN

John buckJohn Buck is an internationally recognized sociocratic consultant  and CEO of the international firm, Sociocracy Consulting Group. He is also a partner in the Dynamic Governance Institute. He specializes in organizational structure, decision-making, meeting and retreat facilitation, and conflict resolution. He was the first sociocratic consultant outside The Netherlands certified to do training in the United States and continues to mentor trainers and consultants in all the English-speaking countries.

John has consulted on dozens of successful implementation projects for a variety of organizations including schools, colleges, and universities and companies and organizations providing health care, insurance, mediation,  plastics, software development, intentional communities, and ecovillages. His work focuses on greater efficiency and increased employee engagement. He believes that such basic values as equality, liberty, and transparency can make our work places dramatically more sustainable, elegant, and profitable.

He customizes sociocracy/Dynamic Governance principles to each organization’s particular concerns, work schedules, and professional areas. His clients span the globe. His training and implementation client locations include, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States,

In order to study sociocracy, John learned Dutch and translated numerous documents from Dutch to English. He is coauthor with Sharon Villines of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy.


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