John Buck

John buckJohn Buck was the first sociocratic consultant certified to teach and implement the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method (SCM). John specializes in organizational structure, decision-making, meeting and retreat facilitation, and conflict resolution.  He has been CEO of the international consulting firm Governance Alive since 2007.

He mentors trainers and consultants in all the English-speaking countries, and conducts workshops in many counties including Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Korea, Portugal, Finland, and New Zealand. An expert in governance methods and organizational design, he serves on the boards of several organizations.

John had extensive experience in managing hundreds of workers in both government and corporate sectors internationally when he met Gerard Endenburg in the early 1980s. He learned to read Dutch to study with Gerard at the Sociocratisch Centrum in Rotterdam and observe management at the engineering company Endenburg Electric, the working laboratory in which SCM was developed. John completed a master’s degree in Quantitative Sociology at George Washington University to use quantitative analysis to measure the effects of sociocracy on Dutch workers. His work confirmed its effectiveness in increasing worker commitment and organizational productivity.

John Buck has consulted on dozens of successful implementation projects for a variety of organizations including schools, colleges, and universities and companies and organizations providing health care, insurance, mediation,  plastics, software development, intentional communities, and ecovillages. His work focuses on greater efficiency and increased employee engagement. He believes that such basic values as equality, liberty, and transparency can make our work places dramatically more sustainable, elegant, and profitable.

John Buck is coauthor with Sharon Villines of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy. The father of three children, he lives with his wife in Silver Spring, MD.

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