DecisonLab, Sussex, England, UK

DecisionLab is a consulting practice that offers facilitation, training, coaching, and consultancy services to organizations and leaders who share common visions of bettering the world. Since January 2010, DecisionLab has been governed and operated along sociocratic and cooperative principles. In March 2010, DecisionLab incorporated as Sociocratic, Ecological and Economic Development (SEED) Ltd, which is a registered member of Co-operatives UK.

Their focus is on helping organizations make clear decisions, develop healthy and sustainable working practices, and build stronger relationships, and “guiding them towards having a good sense of where they’re going.”

DecisionLab holds a space for resolution: the moment when conflict and turmoil turn into creative power; the shared commitment to accomplish a challenging goal.

We envision a world where everyone knows how to collaborate in making good decisions, and where every community has facilitative leaders who evoke the fair and creative participation of their associates.

DecisionLab has an excellent, informative website with blogs by their facilitators. For  more on their extensive statement of principles:

Main website:

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