Books on Sociocracy by Gerard Endenburg

Gerard Endenburg in front of the Sociocratische Centrum, circa 1980
Gerard Endenburg in front of the Sociocratische Centrum, circa 1980

Eburon Academic Publishers in the Netherlands publish Gerard Endenburg’s books on sociocracy .

They can also be purchased through where you can search the inventories of thousands of booksellers around the world for new, used, rare, and out-of-print books.

The Two Major Works

Cover of Sociocracy: The Organization of Decision-Making, 1998Sociocracy: The Organization of Decision-Making. Also in Dutch: Sociocratie.

The original edition was published in Dutch in 1981. The first English translation was published in 1988 and the first Eburon edition in 1998. The current Eburon edition was published in 2002.

This is the first complete presentation of the Sociocratic Circle Organization Method. Endenburg developed and refined the method in the 1970s in Endenburg Electric (Endenburg Elektrotechniek).

Of everything written on sociocracy,  I prefer this book because it includes Gerard Endenburg’s own story of what he was searching for when he began “fixing” his company.  He wanted to reproduce the harmonious and productive atmosphere he had experienced at the Children’s Community Workshop founded and led by Kees Boeke and Betty Cadbury Boeke.

Sociocracy as Social Design (1998) (And in Dutch as Sociocratie als sociaal ontwerp.)
This is a  collection of works based on his doctoral dissertation from the University of Twente. The English translation of this book is less comfortable  but the ideas more developed.

There are a few other smaller publications floating around in various languages but these are the two major works.

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